Koschei: The Silver-Eyed Monster
(Book 1)


Author: Farr A.A.

Brand: Westwood Books Publishing LLC

Package Dimensions: 20x201x300

Number Of Pages: 272

Release Date: 14-01-2019

Details: Product description Evil has hidden itself for a thousand years and now a taste of it surfaces. Alex Campbell: sad, wimpy, troubled. The boy with the silver-coloured eyes is tormented his entire life because he wasn’t like the rest. Recessed in the darkest parts of his heart, Alex harbours the burning desire to become someone others would truly fear. And when his wish comes true, thus begins the tale of the Silver-Eyed Monster… About the Author Canadian fantasy novelist, A. A. Farr finds inspiration in the simple things in life – like cosplaying her favourite characters at comic conventions or hiking through nature knee-deep in mud. As a University of Toronto English Literature graduate, and born and raised in Toronto, A. A. Farr is passionate about pushing boundaries and making an impact as a Community Leader with a top tier software company, supporting healthcare professionals from around the world. Words she lives by: “Never let go of the child in you that is chasing the good things in life.


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